Growing up in a family with conservative values, Chad Cunha has been obsessed with redefining his own moral compass and tweaking understandings of fairness. This obsession is what inspires Cunha’s work. His paintings reflect an intimacy of emotions that are tied up in the struggles of reconstructing his sense of ethics and the journey of acknowledging that the world cannot adapt to his vision. His installations offer new contexts where people have the opportunity to see something familiar in a new light. They break rules and propose new, thought-provoking ways of interacting with art.

Born in 1985 in South Florida, Cunha currently lives and works in Washington, D.C. He earned a BFA as valedictorian with a major in painting and a minor in art history from New World School of the Arts in Miami, FL in 2012. He also studied classical figure painting at Florence Academy of Arts in Italy.

He received a grant from the Awesome Foundation to create a site-specific performance Concerto on the River in 2018 with collaborating artist Johann C. Muñoz. He was selected to participate in I-Park Artist Residency in East Haddam, CT, and has site-specific installations in The Royal Palm Hotel in South Beach, FL.